bigg boss episode 26 written update

Bigg Boss Malayalam January 31 update, Episode 26


Episode 26 Written Update: Washing with Smoking; Rezith beats Jasla as the new captain

All the contestants joined the dawn of the new day, after the morning song and free. Rajith, who has been in jail since sunset, is being advised after releasing to look after the game. Yet, rather than playing, compassion is the focus of attention. Rajith states that he said such things so that mercy would not go back to jail. Rajith wishes to be a fresh k for the goodness that comes out of prison

The new problem at home is the problem of cleaning utensils. The cooking unit and other household members protested about not getting the log washers washed. Rajith says she should use less water, and not wastewater. Yet Regit doesn’t answer the householder’s question of whether to scrub the dishwasher.

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Veena claims this is the four horns stand I found for the rabbit. While Arya and Saju Navodaya’s culinary team have said things repeatedly, Regit is not interested in understanding things. Jail Captain Fukru called Rajith and said five people believe they will make a complaint when the matter is being searched.

Fukru’s sentences and his generosity in prison were not done. The Bigg Boss has given him two kilograms of rice and plows to tell him it wasn’t fair to be in jail. The announcement was made that lunch would only be eaten after it had been finished. Kanji, who came to lunch, was not interested in Fukru, although both of them finished the sentence. Shortly after it was launched Bigg Boss.

The Bigg Boss contestants were given the opportunity to use the points earned in the luxury budget to buy personalized pieces. Including pasta, bread, and chicken to sandwiches, sausages, fruit flour and chicken-fried, the contestants bought everything.

The principal task of the 26th day was the task of captaincy. Jasla, Rizit and Arya battle each other out. Contestants will be expected to design their own faces for the Garden Area challenges. Those who complete the task in a timely manner excel. Rajith won the Captaincy Tasik at the close of the match.

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