update 29 th January bigg boss Malayalam

Bigg Boss Malayalam January 29 update


Bigg Boss Malayalam is renowned among contestants for his never-ending fights. Bigg Boss Malayalam’s second season is no exception, as the series has seen some brutal battles already.

Sujo and Rajith are seen as having an argument about Jazla Madasseri in the promo which surfaced online. Sujo says Rajith fears Jazla, while the latter considers Sujo a ‘ coward. ‘

Sujo says in the video, “When I hit you here, I’m going to make sure I’m finished you.” Rajith dares Sujo to do that, in response to this threat. Housemates can be seen trying their best to calm Sujo down.

Raghu takes a self-defense session in another funny video and also teaches the housemates how to intimidate a human.

Bigg Boss started the luxury budget function ‘ Bigg Boss hotel ‘ in the latest episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2. In the game, the guests who visit the luxury hotel and judge the contestants ‘ hospitality were seen as Rajith and Jazla. This task is also expected to continue tonight.

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