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All selected 17 candidates have been isolated in a separate house in Chennai (The EVP Theme Park). They going to stay for 105 days and the team will monitor them with 80 cameras around the full house. #BiggBossMalayalamSeason2.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote (Online Voting Poll) Season 2 – Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote System: Every Week, Contestants of the house nominate two of the other contestants for elimination/eviction. The contestants who receive the most number of nominations will be nominated for eviction/elimination. After nomination, the public poll will decide their Elimination.

The voting poll for Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 has started and Viewers can cast their vote for their favorite contestant. In this post, you will learn how to vote for Bigg boss Malayalam online, offline and missed call methods. One word for all if you like this post and found helpful then please share this post. Vote results can be checked below easily.


Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote for Week 7:

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote | Week 7 | Pick your favorite contestant Live

  • Veena Nair
    5% 87 / 1.5k
  • Jazla
    2% 35 / 1.5k
  • Manju
    2% 37 / 1.5k
  • Fukru
    13% 216 / 1.5k
  • Arya
    4% 64 / 1.5k
  • Dr Rajith Kumar
    72% 1.1k / 1.5k

Thank you for voting

(Disclaimer: This is an unofficial poll conducted by purely as a public opinion & your votes don’t count but you can expect the same ratio of results on Asianet. Scroll Down for the Official Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting Methods, Eliminations, Results, Nominations, Q and A, and many more). Give below are methods on How to Vote Bigg Boss Malayalam.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Official Methods

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Missed Call Methods

dial for your favorite contestant

Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting opened through missed call numbers. To vote for your favorite contestant just follow the steps give below. Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Results.

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Only look at the participants voting number and dial it on your mobile and then give a missed call to Bigg Boss Malayalam. Your Vote for that contestant will be counted.

(Note: You can only vote 10 votes per day and a maximum of 50 per week. You can split the vote to your favorite contestants. But you can vote 50 votes per day and 250 votes per week on the Hotstar app.)

Step 1: Look Your Favourite Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestant Missed Call Number from the below box.

Step 2: Dial it.

Step 3: Give Missed Call To Your Favorite Contestant Number. Use the below give numbers to vote Bigg Boss Malayalam.

Step 4: Your Vote Is Submitted.

Go To: “Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting For Favorite Contestant”

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Malayalam Online Voting Process – Hotstar Vote Method

Below has given the Hotstar voting method for the online voting of Bigg Boss Malayalam.

You can vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam online through the Hotstar app. Follow the steps given below to vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam online.

Step 1: Download the Hotstar app from the Google Play store. (if downloaded then leave it and follow from the below steps)

Step 2: Open the Hotstar App to cast your vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2

Step 3: Log in to the Hotstar account. If you don’t have an Hoststar account then create with email id and phone number. You can also use the quick Facebook login.

Step 4: Type Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote in the search bar.

Step 5: Nominated contestants will be shown with pictures and names.

Step 6: You will get 50 votes every day. You can cast those votes to one person or divide the votes among the nominated contestants.

Step 7: After selecting click on the SUBMIT button.

Step 8: Then you have completed casting your vote successfully.

(Note: You get to vote 50 votes per day and 250 votes per week on the Hotstar app. We suggest you vote on Hotstar app as it gives more votes to vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam voting.)

See this Video to how to vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Images

bigg boss image 1

bigg boss image 2

bigg boss image 3

bigg boss vote image 4

Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting through Google Online

  1. Go to Google, sign in to google account and search for query ‘Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote’ (or)Bigg Boss Vote.
  2. Press on the candidate you are voting for.
  3. Choose the number of votes (10 votes maximum).
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. The votes are sent to the Asianet channel successfully.

Vote For Your Favorite Contestant

(Disclaimer: This is an unofficial poll conducted by purely as public opinion)


After the “Bigg boss Malayalam vote” cycle ends, the contestant who receives the smallest amount number of votes will need to exit from the Bigg Boss show. The vote results are declared on Saturday and Sunday by the host of the Mohanlal Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam show. The majority of the contestants will continue their holiday at the Bigg Boss House. Week wise nominated contestants and elimination procedures are given below in detail.

Week 6 Update

Week 6 Started for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2. Week 6 has started and For the 6th weeks of Bigg Boss Malayalam voting nominations, the following contestants have been Nominated for Elimination. Arya, Daya, Manju, Pradeep, Rajith, Sooraj and Veena are nominated for the eviction in the 6th week of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2.

Week 5 Update

Week 5 Started for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2.

Week 4 Update

Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam voting Poll: Week 4 has started and For the 4th week of Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote these Contestants have been Nominated for Elimination.  Arya Rohit, Pradeep Chandran, Raghu Subhash, Rajith Kumar, Thesni Khan and Veena Nair for the 4th week of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2. Vote now.

Week 3 Update

Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam voting Poll: For the 3rd week of “Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 2” contestants have been nominated for eviction, check out the result here. Out of which two have been eliminated they are Pareekutty Perumbavoor and Suresh Krishnan on day 21 eliminated.

Week 2 Update

Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam voting Poll: For the 2nd week of Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote these Contestants have been Nominated for Elimination.  Dr. Rajith Kumar, Rajini Chandy, Sujo Mathew, Somadas, Alasandra Johnson and Alina are the contestants nominated for the week and Dr. Rajith Kumar is the one who received more nominations.

Week 1 Update

All contestants entered the house for the show Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Elimination List

Here is the list of Bigg Boss Malayalam Eliminated contestants. The elimination process is based on the public voting poll, each week one contestant or two evicted from the house. Below is the table to check week wise evicted contestant and nominated contestant details.

Elimination Table

Housemates Status
Alessandra Johnson WALKED AWAY
Alina Padikkal In The House
Arya Rohit In The House
Krishnajeev aka Fukru In The House
Manju Pathrose In The House
Pareekutty Perumbavoor Evicted
Pradeep Chandran In The House
Raghu Subhash WALKED AWAY
Rajini Chandy Evicted
Rajith Kumar In The House
Saju Navodaya In The House

(Due to health problems)

Suresh Krishnan Evicted
Thesni Khan Evicted
Veena Nair In The House

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 House Captains Full List

Bigg Boss Malayalam House Captain
WEEK 1 Rajini Chandy
WEEK 2 Saju
WEEK 3 Pradeep Chandran
WEEK 4 Fukru
WEEK 5 Rajith
WEEK 6 Saju


Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Contestants List Season

Housemates Occupation
Alasandra Johnson Model
Alina Padikkal Actress, Television presenter
Arya Rohit Actress, Television presenter
Krishnajeev aka Fukru Internet celebrity
Manju Pathrose Actress
Pareekutty Perumbavoor Actor, Singer
Pradeep Chandran Actor
Raghu Subhash Radio Jockey
Rajini Chandy Actress
Rajith Kumar Public speaker
Reshma Raj Model
Saju Navodaya Actor, comedian
Somadas Singer
Sujo Mathew Model
Suresh Krishnan Film director
Thesni Khan Actress, comedian
Veena Nair Actress, Television presenter

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Contestants List Season Wild Card Entry

Wildcard Entry
Wildcard Entry 1 Daya Ashwathy Activist
Wildcard Entry 2 Jasla Madassery Activist
Wildcard Entry 3 Pavan Gino Thomas Model
Wildcard Entry 4 Sooraj Radio Jockey


Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Guest List

Guests List Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 2
Day 7 (Week1) Dharmajan Bolgatty Invited contestant, posing as a new entrant in front of the housemates and was evicted by Bigg Boss on the same day for leaking information from outside.

Bigg Boss Malayalam All Seasons Winner Details

  • Season 1 winner: Sabumon Abdusamad
  • Runner-up: Pearle Maaney
  • Prize money: ₹100 lakh

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Details

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Details
Host Mohan Lal
Starting Date 24 November 2019
Channel Asianet
Number of Days 100 Days
Voting Method Hotstar, Missed Call, Google
Live Streaming Partner Hotstar

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 General Q and A

Who will win Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2?

Bigg Boss 2 Malayalam Winner will be the highest vote-getter at the end of the season. But to get to the end of the season the contestant must survive every week nomination and elimination. This is truly based on audience votes and votes results are declared by Asianet tv.

Will Host ‘Mohan Lal’ Attend all episodes?

No, The Host Mohan Lal will be seen only during the weekends.

How Long Will The Voting Took Place?

Every week from Monday to Friday the voting takes place. All voting lines on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will be shut down.

When and How does the elimination process happen? Which Housemates are saved from elimination?

Every week the elimination process will result in the elimination of the contestant who receives fewer votes than the only contestant who receives more votes. Menas if the contestant gets more votes he will not be eliminated.

Where can I watch Bigg Boss Malayalam Online?

You can watch on the Asianet channel and Hotstar after episode telecasted or Live on Hotstar Premium. The contestant who receives more votes in the Bigg Boss MalyalamVoting process will be saved from the Eviction on the weekly elimination process. And this saved person is going to stay in the house.

What happens when 2 contestants get the same votes?

The decision will be taken by Asianet Tv, Mostly cases it doesn’t happen.

Where can we see the Vote results?

The voting results will not be publicly disclosed, you have to wait until they announce by the host Mohan Lal give by Asianet Management.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 House Location?

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 house is built as a 1-crore set and is situated in the EVP theme park. The EVP Theme Park is situated in Chennai’s Chembarambakkam, Bangalore National Highway Route, Chennai.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 – Asianet

This famous reality show hosted by Mohan Lal sir in Star Asianet TV is one of the popular shows in the Malayalam Television industry that gets more TRP levels.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Launch Date

In January 2020, the show Bigg Boss Malayalam– Season 2 is will be launched. There are so much hype and anticipation throughout the world of Bigg Boss Malayalam fans, the contestants will be revealed after the show premiered.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Hotstar

Bigg Boss Malayalam reality show Season 2 is also available through the popular Hotstar website, a video streaming platform that streams popular online TV shows and movies.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 100 Days

The Bigg Boss Malayalam reality show is presented for 100 days continuously. A day’s shorter version will be edited and telecasted on TV. Hotstar also telecasts some of the other interesting activities that occurred that day as separate videos.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Host

The famous Malayalam actor Mohan Lal is hosting this reality show. He is an artist, producer and multi-talented person in the Tamil film industry and India.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Gallery

bigg boss malayalambigg boss malayalam 2

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